Breakout Round 2

Breakout Round 2

Wouter In ‘t Velt, Director Digital Transformation, AS Watson – “A Digital Transformation in Retail – Lessons from the front line“

The retail sector is undergoing a profound transformation. Disruptors are setting new standards for customer service. Traditional category boundaries are disappearing. And consumers and their customer journeys are radically different from what they used to be. Many retail incumbents are struggling – or even failing – to respond adequately and in time. Wouter will share his experience from leading a transformation at a major retailer. With relevant learnings for executives leading a digital transformation, in any industry.

Stijn van Aert, Strategy Director, Valtech – “The future of energy is digital

Digital acts as an accelerator of the transformation of the energy business. Stijn will share his experience with the digital transformation of energy companies and its industry. Stijn works on the cutting edge of marketing, design and technology. The infinity of digital opportunities inspires him to explore new ways to create value for brands and people. He combines creativity with business sense to accelerate the digital transformation of established (international) brands.

Eric Koch, Head of Supply Chain & Logistics MCCD at Metro Cash & Carry – “Omnichannel innovation”

How does a modern retailer deal with the omnichannel challenges and increasingly sophisticated customer demands? Learn from the latest concepts behind the scene from Eric Koch.

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