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Please find a preview of all the inspirational keynote presentations and their presenters, offered to you in the 3 break-out rounds during the event.

  • How the Digital Performance Benchmark can boost your Digital Transformation by Martin Hermsen, Dicitas Consulting.

    This digital capability benchmark can help you assess the maturity of your company in six different digital capabilities. It measures how well you are able to:

    1. Deliver a superior digital experience
    2. Use digital to create and shape demand
    3. Master big data to enable digital engagement
    4. Use Digital technology to innovate
    5. Organize to be digital
    6. Measure your Digital Performance in real time

    The outcomes will show not only you how your digital maturity is perceived within your company throughout different departments, but also how your overall digital maturity is ranked compared to peer companies in your industry and cross-industry.

    After completion of this benchmark, the results will be shared with your company in an interactive workshop, providing you with insights in your digital maturity and an actionable action plan on where and how to start with your digital transformation.

    By participating it helps you to learn and act upon::

    1. Understanding the characteristics of digital leaders in their industry
    2. Benchmarking their digital capabilities and spend against industry and business model leaders
    3. Understanding their digital and customer management strengths and weaknesses
    4. Identifying and prioritizing the areas of greatest opportunity for improvement and revenue generation
    5. Becoming masters in digital
  • Understanding the opportunity of multi-channel consumer conversations by Theo van der Steen, Underlined.

    In todays economy consumers use many touchpoints to interact with companies. Their digital footprint has grown as well as their expectations of service. In this complexity how can companies learn and act on what consumers tell them in all these different channels? I.e. how does this influence your brand reputation and image?

    Theo van der Steen, Partner at Underlined, will guide you through a practical approach to learn from Consumer conversations on all  channels (including social media) and what innovations are being done by Dutch Corporates in co-creation with Underlined.

  • Monetizing fast big data through intelligent business operations at Royal Dirkzwager by Ricardo Paschier, Software AG.

    Ricardo Paschier (Software AG) showed us how the trending term ‘Big Data’ is closer to every company than they can imagine. Big data helps companies to better understand the past, enables you to have a view on the present and anticipate the future. When exploited correctly, big data brings real-time visibility, allowing continuous optimization and on-the-go adjustments.

    Today companies have the possibility to seize real-time revenue opportunities that would have been left undiscovered before. On top of all that, the insight delivered by big data brings risk management to a higher level. Ricardo shared a very nice example of a rather traditional industry, shipping, where the exploitation of readily available data led to new business and likewise revenue streams for the company. It made the audience think on what data treasure their company has been sitting on for ages and how this could bring new business.

    Analyzing and acting on streaming data – or data in motion – as it’s produced from people, applications and machines is becoming increasingly important. The value produced from instant action can be immeasurably higher than conventional, backwards looking approaches. Some companies are in fact already monetizing this so-called fast big data. Amongst them is maritime service provider Royal Dirkzwager.

    Faced by competition, Royal Dirkzwager needed to reinvent its business model and transformed into a premium provider of maritime data as a service to maritime operators. Through the use of smart digital technology, Royal Dirkzwager has achieved an intelligent business operation: The company has introduced a Port Visit Monitoring System, to enable itself to intelligently coordinate vessel visits in the Port of Rotterdam. By combining ship data with data from the environment in real-time, Royal Dirkzwager is able to optimize logistics, reduce costs and lower the carbon footprint.

  • The Digitization of the Shopfloor at Akzo Nobel Coatings by Kenny van Sleuwen, Quinso.

    Kenny van Sleuwen (Quinso) presented a case study on how Akzo Nobel Decorative Paints used digital connectivity to reach a breakthrough performance improvement on the shopfloor. The Akzo manufacturing sites were running into production capacity challenges and needed to optimize the performance of their existing equipment.

    Quinso implemented a SAP Overall Equipment Effectiveness solution, thereby connecting the topfloor to the shopfloor. This enabled service personnel to track and monitor the equipment’s availability, performance and quality with wireless digital handhelds resulting in improved availability and efficiency.

    Kenny van Sleuwen shared his experience at Akzo Deco how Akzo used digital connectivity to reach a breakthrough performance improvement on the shopfloor. By the implementation of SAP OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), Akzo was able to connect the topfloor to the shopfloor enabling service personal to track and monitor with wireless digital handhelds resulting in improved availability and efficiency loss.

    Quinso – Quality in Solutions, a team of highly experienced SAP consultants. Years of experience, industry specific process knowledge in combination with SAP knowledge allows Quinso to offer high quality consultancy in Europe. All-round solutions in the area of SAP software in the production and wholesale industry is where Quinso excels.

  • Machine learning, the new frontier in data analytics at ING Bank by Jörgen Sandig, Scyfer and Martin de Lusenet, ING Bank.

    Jörgen Sandig (Scyfer) and Martin de Lusenet (ING Bank) jointly presented ING’s journey to build a capability that translates customers behavior and data into predictive models per ING proposition. This is an important input to their NBA Engine – a model that delivers them the Next Best Action per channel / per prospect.

    ING went to the market to find a partner by a predictive model competition. They went to the usual suspects (the big 5) and a few smaller players. Scyfer (a small innovative spin-off company from the University of Amsterdam) won against these major competitors by outperforming them in 2 areas. Firstly, they were able to deliver a xx% better forecast and secondly, they delivered it using a standard laptop. No large server farm, no factory of data analysts required.

    Scyfer and ING presented the latest innovation in how machine learning is the new frontier of predictive analytics. Data is everywhere but to use it in your day to day business is a challenge. The technology of data analysis is evolving rapidly due to serious investments of Baidu, Google and other data intensive organizations. This presentation gives insight in the latest developments on machine learning and how the use of algorithms will/can impact your ability to make better decisions for your organization.

  • Personal Digital Marketing Communication FMCG/Automotive by Paul Broersen, Adnovate.

    Most companies have various teams and systems set up to communicate with their customers. They are hardly integrated, and with many products, services, translations, campaigns and channels to manage, this inevitably leads to problems. Instead of working on creating creative content, marketers waste time coordinating already existing marketing content. This results in a slow and expensive process of releasing new content. Also, by not having a clear overview of all existing materials, customers will get incorrect information and experience inconsistencies across channels, resulting in lost sales opportunities for the company.

    Personal and consistent marketing communication will improve brand performance and increase sales. Paul Broersen (Adnovate) presented a solution where all marketing content is centrally managed. Workflow supports new content creation, which automatically gets distributed to all connected channels after approval. Product information is always up to date and all users get the support they need. The result is a consistent brand experience across channels.

    Running a Multichannel Marketing Operation is often challenging.

    During his session Paul discussed some pragmatic approaches on how you could gain substantial results by connecting channels and using Marketing Technology.

    • CMO’s rely on personal and dynamic marketing content
    • Marketers are wasting valuable time
    • Centralizing marketing content and connecting channels are key
    • Gain up to 5% more sales by using marketing technology

    Adnovate delivers powerful marketing software and personal service to improve brand performance and sales:

    • Brand Consistency
    • Speed & More sales
    • Reduced Costs
    • Overview & Control
    • Customer Engagement

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