The event

Digital Innovation Summit 2016

Thursday, September 15th, 2016 – 12:00 till 18:00

Digital developments are changing society at an increasing speed. They are changing the way markets, consumers and customers behave. Dicitas Consulting and its partners want to share with you the impact of digital innovation on organizations around the globe. Join us at the Digital Innovation Summit 2015 on the 24th of September in Fort Voordorp, Groenekan, Utrecht.

We will show you different aspects of digital innovation during an afternoon and evening program. Leading companies will present the latest digital thinking and breakthrough ideas to you via case studies involving high-profile customer organizations.

The Digital Innovation summit offers you:

  • A great event to learn and share how to excel in an ever-changing digital world.
  • To learn about digital innovation to help your business succeed and accelerate.
  • Interactive sessions to share with and learn from your peers.
  • Networking with companies and colleagues in a high-end inspirational environment.

What can you expect to take away:

  • Why digital should be important to you and your company’s results
  • How digital continues to disrupt your marketplace and how your company can anticipate this disruption
  • What your digital organization looks like
  • How you can successfully transform towards a digital organization
  • How leaders differentiate themselves from the pack
  • What it takes to become a digital leader
  • How the latest digital innovations van help you achieve your ambitions

The Digital Innovation Summit Board

The Digital innovation summit is organized by Dicitas Consulting and the Digital Innovation Network. Members of this network are: Tahzoo, Manhattan, Thunderhead, Valtech, Mavim, Augmented Reality Development, Amsterdam University of Applied Services.

The Dicitas Partner Network


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