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Our Dicitas Partner Network

In today’s society success is reached through effective application of breakthrough innovations. Often real innovations come from small, agile, smart and young companies working in the forefront of the digital realm. It is our mission to mobilize, converge and infuse these frontrunners with robust program management and transformational capabilities so together we can help our clients to make decisive steps in their digital transformation. With this in mind, we are constantly building the Dicitas Partner Network. A global network comprising the digital innovators of our time. This network focuses on disruptive technologies, joint innovation, cross fertilization and bringing the best to our clients. The Dicitas network is focused, dynamic, energetic and rapidly growing.

The Digital Innovation Summit brings together some digital frontrunner that have been foundational in the past for the digital society we live in.  It’s therefore with proud that we present to you the young and brightest together with the digital breakthrough pioneers that together make this digital world a better place to live in, and choose to be part of the Dicitas Digital Transformation Network!

  • Dicitas Consulting

    Partners in Digital Transformation

    Dicitas Consulting helps organizations to transform and become digital leaders in their market. Together with our business partners, we realize sustainable business performance improvement and growth. Digital transformation requires many capabilities, including mastering the digital customer experience, multichannel concepts, big data management and analytics, mobile customer connectivity, real time measurement and more.

    Contact: Martin Hermsen
    Telephone: +31 6 46 828 785

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  • The Digital Dominance Award ©

    The Digital Dominance Award acknowledges brand that are “dominant” amongst their competition. Based on a comprehensive digital benchmark and research its differentiates the winners from the losers. The Digital Dominance Organization aims to help brand to give them insights in their relative digital brand strength position allowing them to improve.

    The organization is supported by Digital Consulting, The Engage Group in Singapore, Manhattan, Tahzoo, Thunderhead And Valtech.


    Contact: Martin Hermsen
    Telephone: +31 646 828 785

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  • Adwise

    Adwise is de digitale extra hersenhelft van je organisatie. Wij zetten jouw bedrijf continu op voorsprong bij het realiseren en overtreffen van je business ambities. Adwise biedt je de innovatiekracht, de Adwisdom, de mensen, het enthousiasme en de nuchtere mentaliteit die ervoor zorgt dat al je investeringen direct en geïntegreerd optellen voor je zakelijke ambities en dromen.

    Contact: Steven Keuper
    Telephone: 0546 - 80 74 80

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  • Lukkien

    Lukkien is a creative agency for online media, photography, film, CGI, graphic design, audio and more. We are an agency that has a strategic and creative vision on cross-medial campaigns and online marketing. Lukkien can fulfil many roles but is always focussed on creating remarkable and effective work. With all facilities underneath one roof, we think outside of the box and creativity and technology truly work together. That is what Lukkien is all about.

    Contact: Joost van der Vis
    Telephone: +31651571600

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  • Manhattan Associates

    Get Active with Manhattan Active™ Solutions

    Today, staying idle isn’t an option. That’s why we’re introducing our next generation of active software and services to meet the needs of retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and more industries feeling the impact of digital commerce technology and consumer expectations.

    Watch Get Active

    Manhattan Associates designs, builds and delivers leading edge cloud and on-premise solutions so that across the store, through your network or from your fulfilment centre, you are ready to reap the rewards of the omni-channel marketplace.

    Contact: Martine Toussaint
    Telephone: +31 6 50 742 196

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  • Pega Systems

    Pega’s adaptive, cloud-architected software – built on the unified Pega Platform – empowers people to rapidly deploy, and easily extend applications to meet strategic business needs. Over its 30-year history, Pega has delivered award-winning capabilities in CRM and Digital Process Automation, powered by advanced artificial intelligence and robotic automation, to help the world’s leading brands achieve breakthrough business results.

    Our Global 3000 customers rely on Pegasystems dynamic solutions and strategic applications to drive excellence in their sales, marketing, customer service, and operations.

    Contact: Jacqueline van Wees
    Telephone: +31 622607414

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  • Software AG

    Software AG helps organizations achieve their business objectives faster. The company’s big data, integration and business process technologies enable customers to drive operational efficiency, modernize their systems and optimize processes for smarter decisions and better service. Building on over 40 years of customer-centric innovation, the company is ranked as a “leader” in more than a dozen market categories. Software AG has more than 4,600 employees in 70 countries that serve 70 percent of the Global 1,000. The company is headquartered in Germany and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (TecDAX, ISIN DE 0003304002 / SOW). In 2013, revenues were €973 million.

    Contact: Pascal van Hove
    Telephone: +32 477 590 111

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  • Thunderhead


    Build engaged relationships with customers across all touchpoints in the customer journey. We make it easy for customer-facing teams to design and deploy great customer journeys based on rich customer insights. Our solutions create consistent and engaging customer focused conversations at scale through all digital channels and human touchpoints and go deeper than personalized sales, marketing and service solutions alone. Resulting in long-term engagement and stronger more valuable relationships.

    Contact: Fred van Westerop
    Telephone: +31 654 666 358

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  • TWNKLS | augmented reality

    Augmented reality is the most natural way to give you the information you need, when you need it. We bring technology, people, and knowledge together so people can work, play, learn and experience through our applications and platforms.

    twnkls | augmented reality is a powerhouse in the area of computer vision and augmented reality technology. As a recognized pioneer, we push the technological envelope with attractive applications and we can help you to dazzle your end users or to optimize your industry’s value chain.

    We are dedicated specialists, passionate about developing and implementing new algorithms and cutting-edge technology, creative concepts and disruptive business ideas. Enthusiastic, daring, creative, with a “can-do!” mentality. But above all, we know AR inside and out… it’s in our DNA. For over 7 years now, TWNKLS is a leading AR specialist with a proven track record in the fields of security, health, industry and commerce.

    twnkls | augmented reality (pronounced: twinkles) was founded by Gerben Harmsen and ir. Lex van der Sluijs on April 1st 2011.

    Contact: Jos Westerkamp
    Telephone: +31 644 050 427

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The Dicitas Partner Network


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