How Fintech is changing the financial landscape

Don Ginsel, Founder at Holland FinTech

Holland FinTech is an independent organisation that offers an ecosystem approach to deal with the rapid changing financial landscape. The ecosystem encompasses all actors and stakeholders of financial services, and offers equal chances to all its members to take part in the future of financial services. Holland FinTech provides access to knowledge, network, investments and talent. Since 2014, Holland FinTech connects people and organisations that believe in the power of innovation in financial services, allowing consumers and businesses to profit from progress and development. Holland FinTech connects more than 350 members, ranging from traditional parties to innovative start-ups, spread across all product and sector boundaries. Holland FinTech is committed to stimulating diversity and accessibility of financial services and views, educating the market regarding technological opportunities (and limitations) as an important means to this end.

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About Don Ginsel

Don Ginsel is a Civil Engineer and former banker at ABN AMRO and Deutsche Bank. After leaving banking for Venture Capital, the innovative power of technology and start-ups drove him to choose the startup side for a while. He has been active as entrepreneur, investor and as mentor and coach through several accelerators and incubators. He founded Holland FinTech in 2014, aiming to use the momentum in the financial industry, to change it for the better. Now his efforts are consolidated in Fintech AERA, the foundation driving forward digital transformation and innovation ecosystems across the world.


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