Innovation processes in a digitizing world

Hans Berends, Professor of Innovation and Organization, School of Business & Economics at VU Amsterdam

Digitization not only changes the content of innovation, but also the very process of innovation. Hans Berends will address changing innovation processes at the level of industries, ecosystems, and organizations. Connected products, services, and business processes that are based on digital technologies are often associated with new business models that have the potential to disrupt industries and cannibalize existing business. Their value depends on connections to complementary products and services in platform ecosystems. New forms of collaboration are required to harness the value of these complementarities and address threats. This has to be done while the pace of innovation accelerates, calling for new ways to deal with uncertainty such as experimentation and effectuation. In his contribution, Hans Berends will particularly address the hurdles of established organizations that are transforming their innovation processes.

Hans Berends is Professor of Innovation and Organization in the School of Business & Economics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. His research focuses on digital innovation, innovation processes, and different forms of interorganizational collaboration. He publishes on these topics in academic top journals and he works in the KIN Center for Digital Innovation with organizations to apply insights in practice. Further, he teaches innovation management courses to bachelor and master students and to PhD candidates.

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