Leading Digital: How to cultivate the right mindset

Arnout Leeman, Practice Leader HR, Transformation & Change Management at Sia Partners.

Leading Digital: How to cultivate the right mindset

The majority of ‘Digital Transformations’ do not deliver on their promise. Although technology can be a reason, transforming people seems to be a bigger challenge. Employees have to start doing things very different, based on new convictions and competences. Cultivating a Growth Mindset seems key in supporting this change: which paradigms that were successful in the past do we have to let go of and which ones do we need to embrace towards the future.

There seems to be a big gap between what leaders say and do on the subject of Digital as well. Do leaders understand theWhyand Howof this change? And what about their mindset?

Let’s explore with me what kind of mindset is necessary to support the Digital Transformation and what you as a leader can do to cultivate it.

About Arnout Leeman

Arnout Leeman (1981) is leading the HR, Transformation & Change Management practice at Sia Partners. He is an Organizational Psychologist with a Master at the University of Amsterdam and has over 12 years of consulting experience. He is specialized in balancing change with a shift in mindset. He supports organizations on topics like Leadership, Culture, Digitization and Agility. His main drive is to grow and develop people in line with the organization of the Future.


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