A 3-Step Process: Building Digital for Enterprise Businesses

Wesley Botman and Kishan Chamman, Co-Founders of Eli5

A 3-Step Process: Building Digital for Enterprise Businesses

Hello there, we are Eli5. Once upon a time, we were a two-person outfit developing software in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. Now we are a multi-functional team consisting of entrepreneurs, design thinkers and technical experts that build next-level digital for Corporates, Startups, and our own Eli5 Ventures.

To help others like us understand the complex nature of working with enterprise technology, we created Lean Digital; a three-part product development framework serving as a system to build enterprise digital in the most efficient and agile way. Eli5

Lean Digital includes Solution Validation, Product Design & Development, and Integration. The framework enables companies to make well advised decisions on how to build a digital solution, ranging from corporate startup projects to digital that is touching core processes of a company. Below is a brief introduction that also includes an invitation to ask us to expand on any points that need more detail.

Next to our Lean Digital operations for big companies, we spend a lot of time building digital for promising Startups and our own Eli5 Ventures. We call this Eli5 Startup Lab. It’s a space where we work alongside with other entrepreneurs to build the companies of tomorrow.


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