The growth of Bloomon

turning the flower industry on its head

Bloomon was founded by three rebels on a quest to turn the flower industry on its head. And spread happiness throughout the world.

Bloomon is the turning the flower industry on its head, acquiring many loyal customers along the way. Doing so is a bumby and challenging ride, especially when aiming to do so across multiple countries. Reinoud will touch upon multiple learnings and insights of this journey so far.

Sleepy flowers straight from our growers

Your flowers come directly from our growers. That means that once your flowers are picked they don’t hang around in the cold morning air on the back of a lorry – or are crammed into a box, waiting for hours to be auctioned. bloomon delivers the sleepy little darlings straight from their bed to your table!

By cutting out all the steps in between – auctions, wholesalers, stores – we create days of extra freshness.

We also visit our growers in person to ensure top-notch quality and discuss when is the best times to put their seasonal flowers in your bouquet – and the optimum time to pick them.


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