The Value of Innovative Retail Technology

Tibert Verhagen, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

The Value of Innovative Retail Technology

Retailers struggle in turbulent times where they are confronted with demanding consumers, online competition, and the threat of companies like Amazon entering their market. A large and increasing number of innovative retail solutions aims to help retailers in transforming their business for competitive advantage. Still, retailers face the difficulty how to decide upon the adoption and use of innovative retail technology in such a way that it adds most value to their business. To assist retailers in their decision-making, the ShoppingTomorrow expert group Innovative Retail Technology introduced the Store Sales Cycle Model, presented 12 retail technology cases, and arrived at observations and recommendations regarding the implementation and use of innovative retail technology. Being one of the co-chairmen of the expert group, Tibert Verhagen covers these topics in his presentation.

About Tibert Verhagen

Tibert Verhagen is Associate Professor of E-business at the Centre for Market Insights of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. He studied International Economics at Utrecht University and he received his PhD at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. His current research interests include emerging digital technology, store innovation, and consumer behavior. His research is published in leading peer-reviewed academic journals and in business literature. Tibert has extensive teaching experience, has been the initiator of Master of Science programs, and also is engaged in business practices.


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