How Aegon made customer experience love security

Aegon has the ambition to become a digital service provider

However, on this path there was a challenge with the authentication of users that was performed physically due to security reasons. So how could Aegon transfer to digital authentication without decreasing the level of security?

Aegon deployed a solution by using iDIN for registration and authenticating resulting in:

  • Increased security
  • Increased conversion
  • Reduced paper waste
  • Less costs

Aegon was assisted by Signicat and Rabo eBusiness with their deployment of Digital Identity Verification, Authentication, and Signing solutions.

Signicat has been helping clients to digitally connect to their customers in a trustworthy, verifiable manner since 2007. They have been at the forefront of the Electronic Identity adoption across the Nordics and witnessed the emergence of the Identity Verification market.

Karel Roes, Senior Executive Identity Access, Aegon.
Daan van den Eshof, Product Manager Rabo eBusiness, Rabobank.

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