What are the most digital dominant brands in the Netherlands?

For the fourth year, digital prominent brands will be analyzed on their digital strengths. The benchmark shows the digital competitiveness of a brand among different digital channels. Digital advantage is a crucial factor in winning the battle for customers in today’s highly competitive and digitally advancing markets. With our Digital Dominance Benchmark, you will gain insight into the digital strength of your brand and stay ahead of the competition!


The detailed benchmark results will be presented on the Digital Innovation Summit and context is given on how the digital strength of brands can be improved. In the benchmark, companies are assessed in five different categories: 




Social Media

 SEO &

keyword usage 

Mobile Apss

Within these categories, more than 50 performance indicators have been measured that aggregate into a total score. Our benchmark is unique in its approach and combines our deep analytical and digital marketing skills. 


Visit our website to know more about the Digital Dominance benchmark. We can tell you what your brands’ position is within the benchmark industry group and what the more detailed results are. If required, we can provide you with a deep dive into the results, the impact of them and possible actions to be taken to gain digital dominance.

Feel free to contact us: khalid.elbachraoui@sia-partners.com.


Join the summit to learn and exchange knowledge on how to face the challenges in your company’s digital transformation.

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