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Download publications and presentations of the Digital Innovation Summit 2018.

On this page you find the press release and press kit of the Digital Dominance Benchmark and all the white papers, presentations and video’s of the Digital Innovation Summit 2018.

  • Digital Dominance Benchmark Report 2018/2019

    Report of the Digital Dominance Benchmark. The results will be presented on the 23rd of May 2019 at the Digital Innovation Summit 2019. For more information reach out to Martin Hermsen, +31 646 828 785.

  • The Digital Innovation Summit 2018 – State of Digital and Awards

    The Digital Innovation Summit 2018:

    – Opening of the Summit and the State of Digital Poll by Martin Hermsen

    – A short History of Digital and what comes beyond by Han Michels

    – The Digital Dominance Benchmark and Awards by Martin Hermsen

  • Innovation in Digital Marketing at Atkins by Marcel Heijboer.

    Digital Marketing to the rescue: learn from a casestudy at international retail brand Atkins: “We will show how we strategically optimized for both branding and (omnichannel) sales by maximizing visibility throughout the customer journey, connecting content to (e-)commerce and selecting the right KPI’s.”

  • The Digital Transformation at Boels Rental by Nina Fijen

    Boels Rental is one of the most renowned rental companies in Europe where the rental of machines, tools, units and catering and event equipment is concerned.  To continue to grow Boels needed to transform to the digital era. Nina Fijen will share her experience of how a large rental company is transforming into a digital operation.

  • Digital brand building at Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition

    How Nutricia builds their brands with an omnichannel approach to relevant and personalized content by Daniël Höyng Product Owner at Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition. “Nutricia voor Jou” originates from Nutricia’s goal to truly be of service to mothers with relevant content and Nutricia products from Bambix, Olvarit and Nutrilon. Nutricia wishes to become a valuable partner of all mothers. Nutricia calls this journey The Mother’s Journey and focuses on the first 1000 days of her child. From (pre)conception to toddler, from nutrition to emotions: In this presentation Daniël Höyng (Nutricia Danone) and Henny Jansen (Lukkien) will give you deeper insights in the goals behind the platform, the structure of the program and the unique approach towards the partnership between agency and client.

  • The Digital Transformation of ERIKS by Wopke Kooistra

    Digital transformation is a key topic for ERIKS to address. But where to start? And where to focus on? Especially for larger companies there is a risk to get stuck in the middle and execution goes too slowly and fragmented. At ERIKS the digital journey started only recently (2015) and the aim of this presentation is to look back at the initiatives done, the successes achieved and the pitfalls fallen into. But also to look ahead to initiatives pursued to further transform ERIKS Digitally. Topics that will be addressed in the presentation concern: i) main market dynamics within B2B, ii) ERIKS in a nutshell and iii) Digital focus areas (content, analytics, IT development, marketing and sales force transformation)

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