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Download publications and presentations of the Digital Innovation Summit 2018.

On this page you find the press release and press kit of the Digital Dominance Benchmark and all the white papers, presentations and video’s of the Digital Innovation Summit 2018.

  • Digital Dominance Benchmark Results 2017

    Download here the presentation of the Digital Dominance Benchmark 2017. The winners of the benchmark will be announced on the 22nd of March 2018 at the MindCenter in Vianen, Netherlands.

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  • Don’t give your customers great experiences, give them theirs

    Customers believe that they have a relationship with you after they have shopped with you. They want to be recognized by you, and they want to feel as valuable to you as you are to them. They want to be appreciated and listened to—are you there for them when they need you? And the question retailers should ask themselves is not, “Do I know my customer?” but rather, “Does that I know about my customer help me to ensure my promise to her is fulfilled?”

  • Customer Journey Mining – Mastering the Customer Journey

    A company’s customers are the reason for its existence! This is the reason why many organizations have invested significant time and effort in designing customer journeys and optimizing the customer experience. A positive customer experience is essential, as it indicates how well a company meets the expectations of its customers.

  • Mastering the challange of Digital Transformation

    Digital disruption is the number one obsession haunting today’s management teams worldwide. This is particularly true in traditional, established and physical asset- based companies.

    On the other hand, unlimited digital opportunities are the number one driving force in today’s digital development hotspots, from Silicon Valley to Bangalore. “Make the world a better place”, or at least, “change the world” and build the next Unicorn (a digital company with a $1+ billion valuation) in a short period of time, are the mantras of new “digital-born” players.

  • Technology & Data Driven Marketing Innovation

    How digital technology disrupts the way you innovate your marketing. Marketing has always been driven primarily by human beings. Not anymore. Marketing is now more than ever driven by advanced technology. How do we marry marketing technology with human touch and deliver the ultimate customer experience?

  • Customer-managed journeys: Beyond the map to actionable journey insight

    How do you manage the customer journey?

    It’s an important question because many businesses place the customer journey, and their view of it, as the central piece of their e orts to improve customer experience. In the age of the empowered consumer, Thunderhead believes that the answer is quite simple: you don’t man- age the journey, your customers do.

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