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Download publications and presentations of the Digital Innovation Summit 2018.

On this page you find the press release and press kit of the Digital Dominance Benchmark and all the white papers, presentations and video’s of the Digital Innovation Summit 2018.

  • Digital Innovation Summit 2016 – Martin Hermsen, Dicitas Consulting

    Martin Hermsen kick-off of the Digital Innovation Summit, edition 3, 2016. Martin gives a perspective of the pace and acceleration of change that is requierd for organizations to keep up with the changing society. Are we transforming fast enough? Can we keep up with Raymond Kurzweil’s law of Accelerating Return?  The rate of progress of an evolutionary process increases exponentially over time, and the “returns” such as speed, cost-effectiveness, or overall “power” also increase exponentially over time. Can we keep up with this speed of change?

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