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Event Opening by Martin Hermsen, Partner at Dicitas Consulting

Event opening by Martin Hermsen on what drives successful digital transformation.

Beyond Digital by Han Michels, Partner at Dicitas Consulting

What does it take to become a digital leader in your industry? What does it mean to go beyond digital? How does this make you an overall market leader? Han Michels will present his most recent experience and insights gained from research and by working with many different companies on their digital transformation issues.

The Digital Dominance Awards by Martin Hermsen, Partner at Dicitas Consulting

Presentation of 2017 digital dominance benchmark results and the winners. Why is this important? What changed relative to 2016? Who did improve? Who lagged behind? What are the strongest industry sectors? What are the winners of this year? What can you do to improve your results?  See for more information HERE.


Break-Out Sessions


The Digital transformation of a technical wholesaler Eriks by Wopke Kooistra, Global Manager Digital Sales

ERIKS is an international industrial service provider, a multi-product specialist offering a wide range of high-quality mechanical engineering components and associated technical and logistics services. Our 8,000 skilled people worldwide serve customers in their original equipment manufacturing (OEM) or maintenance, repair and overhaul operations (MRO).

Digital transformation is a key topic for ERIKS to address. But where to start? And where to focus on? Especially for larger companies there is a risk to get stuck in the middle and execution goes too slowly and fragmented. At ERIKS the digital journey started only recently (2015) and the aim of this presentation is to look back at the initiatives done, the successes achieved and the pitfalls fallen into. But also to look ahead to initiatives pursued to further transform ERIKS Digitally. Topics that will be addressed in the presentation concern: i) main market dynamics within B2B, ii) ERIKS in a nutshell and iii) Digital focus areas (content, analytics, IT development, marketing and sales force transformation)

“Mens , wat ben je mooi” – Customer Journey Management at Menzis by Marco Tieleman and Fred van Westerop

With this statement Menzis sets the goal for their Customer and B2B service strategy.  Customers and relations of Menzis are not a number. With all their differences, clients can count on a personal touch. Customers are in control of their own expenses. To deliver this customer experience a program was started with to innovate the Menzis customer journeys. Tieleman will talk you thru the strategic choices made and Menzis learnings along the way.

Innovation in Digital Marketing at Atkins by Marcel Heijboer and Steven Keuper

Digital Marketing to the rescue: learn from a casestudy at international retail brand Atkins: “We will show how we strategically optimized for both branding and (omnichannel) sales by maximizing visibility throughout the customer journey, connecting content to (e-)commerce and selecting the right KPI’s.”

Renovating the core to accelerate customer engagement by Drs. Marc Bakermans, VIVAT Verzekeringen

VIVAT encompasses five insurance brands (Zwitserleven, Zelf, Route Mobiel, Reaal, nowGo) and one asset manager (ACTIAM). The organization delivers advanced and smart solutions to its customers in a customized and simple way. VIVAT aspires to be the most innovative digital insurer in the Netherlands and excel in efficient customer centric business processes by leveraging state of the art technologies, They foster an agile culture where customer service improves continuously. To realize its ambition VIVAT is investing heavily in what they call “renovating the core”.  Pega is a key enabler for this digital transformation initiative. Pega’s adaptive software with capabilities in Customer Engagement and Digital Process Automation, empowers Vivat to rapidly deploy, and extend applications to meet strategic business goals.  Learn from VIVAT’s approach in realizing its ambition in a complex IT environment.

Innovation in eTailing at Nextail by Antoine Brouwer

Nextail is the online organisation for all retailformats of Blokker Holding, including Blokker, Bart Smit, Intertoys, Xenos en Cook&Co. Nextail services  these brands in the Netherlands, Belgium en Germany.

How Nutricia builds their brands with an omnichannel approach to relevant and personalized content by Daniël Höyng Product Owner at Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition

“Nutricia voor Jou” originates from Nutricia’s goal to truly be of service to mothers with relevant content and Nutricia products from Bambix, Olvarit and Nutrilon. Nutricia wishes to become a valuable partner of all mothers. Nutricia calls this journey The Mother’s Journey and focuses on the first 1000 days of her child. From (pre)conception to toddler, from nutrition to emotions: In this presentation Daniël Höyng (Nutricia Danone) and Henny Jansen (Lukkien) will give you deeper insights in the goals behind the platform, the structure of the program and the unique approach towards the partnership between agency and client.

The Digital Transformation at Boels by Nina Fijen

Boels Rental is one of the most renowned rental companies in Europe where the rental of machines, tools, units and catering and event equipment is concerned.  The company, which was founded in 1977, has seen tremendous expansion, growing from 20 branches in 3 countries to almost 400 branches in 11 countries. The expansion of activities is based on autonomous growth as well as a number of strategic acquisitions and has resulted in a doubling of turnover every five years. This makes Boels Rental one of the fastest growing rental companies in the world. To continue to grow Boels needed to transform to the digital era. Nina Fijen will share her experience of how a large rental company is transforming into a digital operation.

The 7 Habits of highly Succesful IoT Implementations by Bart Schouw – VP Digital Alliances, Software AG 

The time of if you will do an IoT project is behind us, it is just a matter of when.  With our experienced gained last years in implementing IoT projects around the globe, we want to share some learnings. Why do some organisation succeed in IoT, and why do others fail? Which habits do these companies have? In this session a maturity framework will be presented that can help you to reduce the complexities and share a number of customer cases that used this framework to drive success in implementing their IoT Strategy.

Don’t give your customers great experiences, give them their experiences! by Pieter van den Broecke – Manhattan Associates

Customers believe that they have a relationship with you after they have shopped with you. They want to be recognized by you, and they want to feel as valuable to you as you are to them. They want to be appreciated and listened to—are you there for them when they need you? And the question retailers should ask themselves is not, “Do I know my customer?” but rather, “Does that I know about my customer help me to ensure my promise to her is fulfilled?”

Pieter will share innovative insights into Customer Engagement,  designed to help retailers listen to when, where, and how their customers speak and observe how they shop. It combines unstructured insight, like social conversations within the same view as the real-time customer order, transaction history, and tendency data. Knowing your customer is not enough. Personalized and actionable insight ensures exceptional experiences!

Digital Disruption 2.0. How IKEA, Otolift and Lamborghini transformed their business with AR by Robert Boers, CEO TWNKLS

Learn from real and working client cases why AR is the next frontier in competitive advantage. Robert will present how the sales cycle of a high tech company can be shortened from 6 weeks to 2 days; how alarge retailer and TWNKLS are creating an AR platform that allows customers to visualize their furniture in their home; and how the the sales advisors of a supercar manufacturer now have a tool that allows them to engage with the customer on a new inspirational level.

TWNKLS, European market leader in computer vision and augmented reality, focuses on designing, developing and implementing AR application that increase process efficiency, improve collaboration and convince the end customer.


Digital Transformation Case Studies:

We thank the following companies for their contribution to the Digital Innovation Summit by sharing their experience and case study of their journey in their digital transformation:​



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