Edition DIS2015.

The 2015 theme was about the “digital ecosystems of the future” with both academic lecturers as well as digital experienced managers from small and large firms shared their insights.

The second edition of the Digital Innovation summit was celebrated in two locations. First in Utrecht Netherlands followed by Brussels the next day.



Demand and supply are gradually moving away from each other, creating an insurmountable gap. In this asymmetrical system, we have extended our value-chains beyond their flexibility and we increase the risk of things going very wrong.(...)

The Lean Enterprise is a methodology that allows Amazon Web Services (AWS) to leverage its work with Startups for Enterprises. Through this methodology AWS has opened up new opportunities at the business level of its customers by helping them to incorporate start up methodologies for Enterprise IT. (...)


Martin Hermsen

Paul Broersen

Nico Baken

Jurgen Ingels

Adri Kraa

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