Edition DIS2016.

For the third consecutive year, Dicitas Consulting and the Dicitas Digital Transformation Network organized the Digital Innovation Summit, on Thursday, the 15th of September 2016. The Digital Innovation Summit is an annual event presenting the latest thought leadership in digital trends, innovation and transformation. During the 3rd edition of the summit, Dicitas Consulting presented the results of the “Digital Dominance Benchmark”.

“Transforming your organization into a Digital Business”

The digitization of society is structurally and fundamentally changing the way the society, markets and economy are behaving and operating. Digital is storming through the business world at a relentless pace and is changing the rules of the business world. Organizations need to rethink their position in their markets, ecosystems and value chains and need to transform the way they create value. Many organizations have started their journeys in digital, but have often progressed on stand alone and siloed initiatives. Now is the time to fundamentally transform!

The summit presented thought leaders and leaders in the frontline who shared their digital transformation experiences. They gave answers to the following key challenges:

  • Why is it important to know how digital changed your marketplace?

  • Why will it continue to impact your business?

  • What change is required to your business model to be competitive?

  • What do you need to do to transform your business?

  • How to redefine and claim your role in the digital ecosystem?

  • How to choose your direction and keep on track?


Martin Hermsen

Rufus Udo

Han Michels

Eric Koch

Ray Gerber


Martin Hermsen kick-off of the Digital Innovation Summit, edition 3, 2016. Martin gives a perspective of the pace and acceleration of change that is requierd for organizations to keep up with the changing society.(...)

Our economy is changing from one based on consumption to one based on experiences. Traditional methods of mass advertising via print, TV and radio are losing relevance and companies and advertising agencies must adapt to the social-media-driven “Experience Economy” (...)

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