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For the fourth consecutive year, the Digital Innovation Summit was held on Thursday, the 23 March 2018. The Digital Innovation Summit is an annual event presenting the latest thought leadership in digital trends, innovation and transformation.

“Beyond Digital”

It has been 25 years since digital was first widely recognized as a major driver of business and societal change. The digitization of society is structurally and fundamentally changing the way the society, markets and economy are behaving and operating. Digital is storming through the business world at a relentless pace and is changing the rules of the business world.

Organizations need to rethink their position in their markets, ecosystems and value chains and need to transform the way they create value. Most organizations have started their journeys in digital, but many challenges remain:

  • Too many Digital Transformations fail because they are run in siloed and solution centric ways and fail to address the core

  • Companies struggle to incorporate digital into their everyday way of working and digital investment ROIs are generally poor


Join the summit to get ansewers to some of the questions and challenges that you face in your company’s digital transformation.



Report of the Digital Dominance Benchmark. The results will be presented on the 23rd of May 2019 at the Digital Innovation Summit 2019. For more information reach out to Martin Hermsen, +31 646 828 785.

The Digital Innovation Summit 2018:

– Opening of the Summit and the State of Digital Poll by Martin Hermsen

– A short History of Digital and what comes beyond by Han Michels (...)


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