Digital Innovation Summit 2014, First Edition

Highlights of Digital Innovation Summit, 1st Edition 2014

The theme of the first edition of the summit was: “what makes organizations successful in a digital world”. It featured both the academic and the business world discussing the impact of a changing ever digitizing world and market and how organizations should respond: How to become a digital and agile organization to survive and win in the digital markets?

Digital developments are changing society at an increasing speed. They are changing the way markets, consumers and customers behave. Presented were different aspects of digital innovation during an afternoon and evening program.  Leading companies presented their latest digital thinking and breakthrough ideas via case studies involving high-profile digital innovations.

The first annual Digital Innovation Summit (DIS) 2014 took place in Fort Voordorp near Utrecht, an old fort completely revamped to suit the modern world. A perfect location to launch our Summit, since it matches what we are aiming to do at Dicitas Consulting: help organizations leave the traditional ways of doing business and become successful in a digital world. It became the home for the event in the coming years.

Video impression of the 2014 edition

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