Presentations DIS2014

Presentations DIS2014

Plenary Session 1: Stand-Out Social Media by Mike Lewis, Awareness Hub

Via Webex from the US, best-selling author Mike Lewis from Awareness Hub shared his thoughts on how companies can stand out in social media. Where just a few years ago being able to capture what was said about your company in social media was the aim, this is no longer enough. Nowadays it is the way and the pace in which you directly respond to your customers. Mike stressed that responsiveness is key! Communication through social media has become a two way continuous dialogue, and being able to react promptly and appropriately can become a competitive advantage. Failing to do so, will do the exact opposite. It is the companies who excel in managing this continuous dialogue through social media with their customer and consumers who stand out from their competition.

AwarenessHub, a comprehensive social marketing platform that centrally manages all social accounts, allows users to listen and respond to customers in real-time, while engaging prospects with targeted content, all from a single platform. As a result, Infor users will have critical insight into where potential and existing customers are online, what interests them most, and the ability to better interact and engage them to drive revenue growth.

Plenary session 2: Digital Transformation at Office Depot by Neil Maslen

Neil Maslen, Office Depot’s Senior Vice President of Business Transformation and Strategic Business Development, presented Office Depot Europe, its challenged environment and the ongoing transformation he engaged Dicitas for.

Like other retailers that had been in the game for years, internet has significantly changed the marketplace. Despite Office Depots #1 position in Europe, revenue and margins are under consistent pressure. eCommerce brought new competition and only on the web they are today competing against 14.000 other businesses that sell office supplies.

This challenging race increased its speed even further with the 2008 credit crisis and cost cuts across all sectors. Office Depot Europe needed a hard cut and a significantly different approach to survive and to thrive. Neil Maslen could not go into the detailed future design of the company or the magnitude of the change yet, but he put down a few things they are working on getting right.

– Firstly, starting with significantly reducing complexity across all process of the company. “
– Secondly, significantly reducing the costs of the current business and creating profitable new business.
– Thirdly he explained the need for the company to become agile again by using Charles Darwin’s quote: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”.

Despite that the announcement to the NSE was only days away Neil drove up from Venlo to deliver the speech, share his insights, answer questions and drove back. As a great add on to all the executives in the room he also shared his learnings from over 20 years of being an executive in disrupted environments. In his career, transformational journeys depend on having the right direction and leadership, communication (what, why, where, when and how), skills, methods, motivation and plan.

Office Depot, Inc. is a global supplier of office products and services. The company was incorporated in 1986 with the opening of our first retail store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Formed by the merger of Office Depot and OfficeMax, Office Depot, Inc. is a leading global provider of products, services, and solutions for every workplace – whether your workplace is an office, home, school, or car.

Breakout 1.1: The next generation digital customer experience at Philips by Rob in der Maur, Adobe.

Rob in der Maur from Adobe shared how the Adobe Marketing Cloud enables companies to create and deliver next-generation digital customer experiences across all customer touch points.

Many companies are still working from a silo approach in experience, organization setup and technical landscape. Companies that are already more advanced in creating multi-channel customer experiences have started developing a landscape of common digital marketing capabilities and have started to unify experiences across all channels.

The Adobe Marketing Cloud supports companies who are ready to walk the extra mile and create  an integrated  and seamless consumer journey between catalogue and experience content across all channels driving integrated marketing with engaging content and experiences, leading to an improved time-to-market and higher goal completion rate.

Adobe Experience Manager, an industry leader in web experience management, enables organizations to create, manage, and optimize digital customer experiences across an increasingly fragmented number of channels including web, mobile apps and sites, and social communities that build brand loyalty and drive demand.

Breakout 1.2: The digital supply chain in retail by Pieter van den Broecke, Manhattan.

Digitization has brought supply chains and buyers closer together and supply chains have become commerce drivers in their own right. In today’s commerce revolution online transactions have hit $1 trillion in 2012 and will double by 2017. Customers want a personalized experience wherever they are, however they choose, from online to in-store. Pieter van den Broecke (Manhattan) discussed how retailers can face these challenges.

Using eCommerce solutions to give you a single view of the customer across every channel, matched to a single view of inventory across your entire network, companies will satisfy their customers, but also satisfy their bottom line. Solutions in this omni-channel world include enterprise order management, inventory and fulfillment cost optimization and omni-channel customer service.

In today’s retail world, it’s the customer who decides where and how they purchase, receive or return a product. Whilst online-only retailers have rapidly grown sales in this new environment, omni-channel retailers with physical stores have faced tough challenges. But there’s good news! These retailers have the advantage of a strong high street presence and a real opportunity to fight back. By ensuring your customers a seamless experience across every channel—however they choose to shop—you can grow sales and customer loyalty.

In his presentation Pieter touched on today’s commerce revolution and what it means for retailers and their supply chain in order for them to face the challenges of the omni-channel world. Single view of inventory, product availability and flexible fulfilment are key to meet consumer’s demands.

Breakout 1.3: Machine learning, the new frontier in data analytics at ING Bank by Jörgen Sandig, Scyfer and Martin de Lusenet, ING Bank.

Jörgen Sandig (Scyfer) and Martin de Lusenet (ING Bank) jointly presented ING’s journey to build a capability that translates customers behavior and data into predictive models per ING proposition. This is an important input to their NBA Engine – a model that delivers them the Next Best Action per channel / per prospect.

ING went to the market to find a partner by a predictive model competition. They went to the usual suspects (the big 5) and a few smaller players. Scyfer (a small innovative spin-off company from the University of Amsterdam) won against these major competitors by outperforming them in 2 areas. Firstly, they were able to deliver a xx% better forecast and secondly, they delivered it using a standard laptop. No large server farm, no factory of data analysts required.

Scyfer and ING presented the latest innovation in how machine learning is the new frontier of predictive analytics. Data is everywhere but to use it in your day to day business is a challenge. The technology of data analysis is evolving rapidly due to serious investments of Baidu, Google and other data intensive organizations. This presentation gives insight in the latest developments on machine learning and how the use of algorithms will/can impact your ability to make better decisions for your organization.

Breakout 2.1: Underlined – “Understanding the opportunity of multi-channel consumer conversations”

In todays economy consumers use many touchpoints to interact with companies. Their digital footprint has grown as well as their expectations of service. In this complexity how can companies learn and act on what consumers tell them in all these different channels? In this presentation Underlined will show how companies, such as ANWB, AEGON, SNS Bank, Ziggo, PON and others are innovating with new Big Data techniques, using online buzz and inbound data (customer feedback and i.e. call center agent logging data), to better understand brand positioning, reputation as well as what influences sentiment and volume across different touch points.

Theo van der Steen, Partner at Underlined, will guide you through a practical approach to learn from consumer conversations and how research is changing from questionnaires to better understanding of data streams that are connecting the dots.

Breakout 2.2: Adnovate – “How strong Marketing Content Management results in consistent communication across channels and more sales”

Marketeers often work in separate departments dealing with communication or activities for specific sales and communication channels. An e-Commerce department, a department that manages the websites, a business entity that is engaged in e-mail marketing or an organizational unit that deals with communication on the shop floor. Often these departments are organized as ‘islands’ in a larger organization while everybody works with the same products, brands or formulas. It leads to al lot of inefficiencies and inconsistent communication. At the same time the number of channels, departments and complexity further increases, and as a result the inefficiencies and inconsistency of communication in the different channels also increases. This leads also to ‘missed’ opportunities and less growth.  

During this session we will break down silos and discuss some pragmatic approaches and business cases on how you could gain substantial results by connecting channels and organizational units by

  • Streamlining Processes
  • Centralizing Marketing Content
  • Using Marketing Technology

…and gain up to 5% more Sales

Breakout 2.3: Yonego and JustLease – “The journey from a good idea to a prosperous online business model”

Terberg Leasing launched a private lease product into the market in 2011 under the brand name Justlease. The product was instantaneously successful and in 2013 Justlease challenged Yonego to assist in taking their online marketing to the next level. Efficiency, volumes, ROI, conversions and profits being the basis for their goals.

Online and the digital world are the true driving forces of modern economies. This movement and shift in current business models is the center of Yonego’s activities. Where most companies in the automotive industry are still focusing on the status quo business models, Terberg Leasing saw an opportunity to tap into a new market, a market where online and digital innovation are at the core of the model. As partners we share and work together on the same objectives and targets.


Maximising profits and ROI are not just pretty words, these are tangible data processes. Analysing the data and investing in the right places to achieve the goals and targets of your business plan.

Yonego’s founder Joris Toonders puts it perfectly: “Data in the 21st Century is like Oil in the 18th Century: an immensely, mostly untapped valuable asset. Like oil, for those who see Data’s fundamental value, learn to extract and use it there will be huge rewards. We’re in a digital economy where data is more valuable than ever”.

Breakout 3.1: Quinso – “Performance breakthrough by the digitalization of the shop floor at Akzo Nobel”

Kenny van Sleuwen will share his experience at Akzo Deco how Akzo used digital connectivity to reach a breakthrough performance improvement on the shopfloor. By the implementation of SAP OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), Akzo was able to connect the topfloor to the shopfloor enabling service personal to track and monitor with wireless digital handhelds resulting in improved availability and efficiency loss.

Breakout 3.2: Software AG – “Monetizing fast big data through intelligent business operations at Royal Dirkzwager”

Data and how we act on that data are key to unlocking benefits for both businesses and individuals. Analysts claim that we only analyze 0.5% of the data being generated globally right now. In the past, we have been very good in promoting strategies to store vast amounts of static data, but nothing that turns that information into valuable insight that – in turn – becomes real-time and intelligent decision making.

Analyzing and acting on streaming data – or data in motion – as it’s produced from people, applications and machines is becoming increasingly important. The value produced from instant action can be immeasurably higher than conventional, backwards looking approaches. Some companies are in fact already monetizing this so-called fast big data. Amongst them is maritime service provider Royal Dirkzwager.

Breakout 3.3: Dicitas Consulting – “The Digital Performance Benchmark”

The Digital Performance Benchmark will help the participating organizations with their digital transformation by:

1. Understanding the characteristics of digital leaders in their industry
2. Benchmarking their digital capabilities and spend against industry and business model leaders
3. Understanding their digital and customer management strengths and weaknesses
4. Identifying and prioritizing the areas of greatest opportunity for improvement and revenue generation
5. Becoming masters in digital

The Digital Performance Benchmark contains six capabilities groups that collectively define digital mastery:

1. Deliver a superior digital experience
2. Use digital to create and shape demand
3. Master big data to enable digital engagement
4. Use Digital technology to innovate
5. Organize to be digital
6. Measure your Digital Performance in real time


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