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Please find a preview of all the inspirational keynote presentations and their presenters, offered to you in the 3 break-out rounds during the event.

  • Building the Digital Ecosystem for Tomorrow

    Professor Dr. ir. Nico Baken, TU Delft

    The way society is currently organized is distressing. Learn why.

    Demand and supply are gradually moving away from each other, creating an insurmountable gap. In this asymmetrical system, we have extended our value-chains beyond their flexibility and we increase the risk of things going very wrong. A balanced system should be based on trust, not risk analysis.” This conclusion leads Nico Baken, Professor at Delft University of Technolgy, to pledge in favor of network-thinking as the basis for community development. That’s also where his concept of Smart Living comes in. Smart Living is a trans-sectoral way of organizing a community. Conventional communities rely on different vertically distinguished sectors (health, education, energy and transport) to fulfill their needs, but a Smart Living community makes better use of overlapping needs within the community with the help of innovative ICT applications. Instead of creating houses, communities and cities as puzzles with independent pieces, Nico would rather see the notion of collaborative design leading the way.

  • The Lean Enterprise – Driving Innovation and Agility

    Zubin Chagpar, Amazon Web Services

    How can big corporations innovate like startups?

    “Eventually, every thing that draws electric current can become connected”

    The Lean Enterprise is a methodology that allows Amazon Web Services (AWS) to leverage its work with Startups for Enterprises. Through this methodology AWS has opened up new opportunities at the business level of its customers by helping them to incorporate start up methodologies for Enterprise IT. This session will be non-technical in nature.

  • How to truly benefit from the Internet of Things

    Claudia Pasa, VP EMEA, Amazon Web Services

    Learn all and more, about the Internet of Many Things

    Claudiu Pasa about the Digital transformation and Internet of Things (IOT) using could computing technology, from digital customer experience, digital processes and machine to machine systems, to entire new lean enterprise business models.

  • Unleash the full power of digital media content!

    Paul Broersen, CEO, Adnovate.

    Next generation of Marketing Content Management

    Organization departments are generally organized as ‘islands’ while everybody works with the same products, brands or formulas. Overall they face the challenge to accommodate markets and customers with relevant communication, assuring on-time and consistent delivery of valuable marketing content.

    At the same time, the number of communication channels increases and customers demand more relevant product information. This results in increased complexity and a digital marketing content management transformation is usually required.

    During this session we will discuss some pragmatic approaches on how you could gain results like 5% more sales by connecting channels and organizational units. Allowing you to accelerate the process of releasing valuable marketing content to fulfill your customer’s desire.

  • Service Commerce: the digital transformation of established brands

    Freek Bijl, Chief Strategy Officer, Valtech

    The Digital Transformation of established brands

    Valtech is one of the leading digital agencies in Europe. We work for strong brands like Heineken, Shimano, D.E, Gazelle and Vlisco. A lot of established brands face the same digital dilemmas. First there is the channel conflict: “how should we go direct to consumer without creating a conflict with existing (retail) channels?” Beyond the channel conflict there is a new – more fundamental – question rising: “how can we digitize our products and services to remain a premium brand in our customer’s heart and mind?”. This breakout session is a combination of the trends and practical insights that we see working with strong brands in the Netherlands.

  • How to effectively listen, engage and measure across multiple channels

    Martin Hasselbalch, VP Sales, Falcon Social

    Your Central Social Media Management Dashboard

    By funneling all social activity into a central platform you eliminate the risk of missing an interaction or valuable customer feedback. The Home section of the Falcon platform will keep you up to date and ready to explore new ways to communicate with employees and customers.

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