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Download Page for the presentations of the Digital Innovation Summit 2016.

Please find a preview of all the inspirational keynote presentations and their presenters, offered to you in the 3 break-out rounds during the event.

  • Digital Innovation Summit 2016 – Martin Hermsen, Dicitas Consulting

    Martin Hermsen kick-off of the Digital Innovation Summit, edition 3, 2016. Martin gives a perspective of the pace and acceleration of change that is requierd for organizations to keep up with the changing society. Are we transforming fast enough? Can we keep up with Raymond Kurzweil’s law of Accelerating Return?  The rate of progress of an evolutionary process increases exponentially over time, and the “returns” such as speed, cost-effectiveness, or overall “power” also increase exponentially over time. Can we keep up with this speed of change?

  • The Age of the Customer Experience – Brad Heidemann, CEO Tahzoo

    Our economy is changing from one based on consumption to one based on experiences. Traditional methods of mass advertising via print, TV and radio are losing relevance and companies and advertising agencies must adapt to the social-media-driven “Experience Economy” where how good you have it is much more valuable that how many goods you have. To succeed in the Experience Economy, products and services must frame themselves as “experiences” that are authentic, unique and, above all, sharable.

  • Stop thinking channels, think journeys – Ray Gerber, CTO Thunderhead

    Customers don’t think about how they are communicating with a brand; they talk to them how, when and wherever they see fit. Yet businesses continue to organise themselves around channels. Only by thinking beyond channels, realising that a customer journey isn’t a fixed process and by acknowledging that the customer is in charge can brands truly engage with their customers. In this session we’ll explain the limitations with multi-channel strategies, introduce the customer-managed journey concept and look at who’s doing it right.

  • How can Value Based BPM support your organization – Carel Hoytema, Associate Partner Dicitas Consulting

    Business Process Management (BPM) focuses on improving the performance of end-to-end business processes. BPM is an enabler to deliver competitive performance through process excellence.

    Value based BPM supports your transformation by combining fact based analysis with qualitative insights and change management. The Value Based BPM methodology supports you in identifying, quantifying and realizing value Improvements in your business processes and improve compliance, standardization and harmonization to your Enterprise Process Model.

  • Cross-border E-commerce in Europe – Jesse Weltevreden, Professor of E-business, Amsterdam University

    With growing competitive pressure, and the maturity of domestic e-commerce markets, more and more e-retailers seek opportunities to expand across the border. To gain more insights into the strategies and success of e-retailers that engage in cross-border e-commerce, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences has conducted a large pan-European study: more than 10,000 websites of e-retailers from 31 European countries have been analysed. In his presentation Jesse Weltevreden will talk about the level of maturity of e-retailers with regard to cross-border e-commerce (within and between countries and sectors), the features of specific cross-border e-commerce strategies (e.g., use of online trust marks, language and payment options),  The success of cross-border e-commerce strategies in terms of cross-border traffic (within and between countries and sectors).

    Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

  • Building the Digital Future of Generali – Rik Schneiders, Digital Marketing Manager Generali Direct

    How Generali is using customer engagement to innovate the customer experience. Rik will share how Generali developed their direct customer engagement platform and inspiring customers on their customer journey. “Verzekerd van Alle Aandacht”.

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