Presentations DIS2016

Presentations DIS2016

Brad Heidemann, CEO Tahzoo – “The Experience Economy”

Our economy is changing from one based on consumption to one based on experiences. Traditional methods of mass advertising via print, TV and radio are losing relevance and companies and advertising agencies must adapt to the social-media-driven “Experience Economy” where how good you have it is much more valuable that how many goods you have. To succeed in the Experience Economy, products and services must frame themselves as “experiences” that are authentic, unique and, above all, sharable.

Ray Gerber, CTO Thunderhead – “Stop thinking channels and start thinking journeys. Customers don’t think in channels businesses do.”

Customers don’t think about how they are communicating with a brand; they talk to them how, when and wherever they see fit. Yet businesses continue to organise themselves around channels. Only by thinking beyond channels, realising that a customer journey isn’t a fixed process and by acknowledging that the customer is in charge can brands truly engage with their customers. In this session we’ll explain the limitations with multi-channel strategies, introduce the customer-managed journey concept and look at who’s doing it right.

Jesse Weltevreden, Professor of E-business, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences / Research Director E-commerce Foundation – “The State of Cross-border E-commerce in Europe”

With growing competitive pressure, and the maturity of domestic e-commerce markets, more and more e-retailers seek opportunities to expand across the border. To gain more insights into the strategies and success of e-retailers that engage in cross-border e-commerce, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences has conducted a large pan-European study: more than 10,000 websites of e-retailers from 31 European countries have been analysed. In his presentation Jesse Weltevreden will talk about:

  • The level of maturity of e-retailers with regard to cross-border e-commerce (within and between countries and sectors).
  • The features of specific cross-border e-commerce strategies (e.g., use of online trust marks, language and        payment options).
  • The success of cross-border e-commerce strategies in terms of cross-border traffic (within and between countries and sectors).

This session will provide valuable insights for companies that plan to expand their e-commerce activities internationally.

Rik Schneiders, Manager Generali Direct – “How Generali is using customer engagement to innovate the customer experience”

Rik will share how Generali developed their direct customer engagement platform and inspiring customers on their customer journey. “Verzekerd van Alle Aandacht”.

Wouter In ‘t Velt, Director Digital Transformation, AS Watson – “A Digital Transformation in Retail – Lessons from the front line“

The retail sector is undergoing a profound transformation. Disruptors are setting new standards for customer service. Traditional category boundaries are disappearing. And consumers and their customer journeys are radically different from what they used to be. Many retail incumbents are struggling – or even failing – to respond adequately and in time. Wouter will share his experience from leading a transformation at a major retailer. With relevant learnings for executives leading a digital transformation, in any industry.

Stijn van Aert, Strategy Director, Valtech – “The future of energy is digital

Digital acts as an accelerator of the transformation of the energy business. Stijn will share his experience with the digital transformation of energy companies and its industry. Stijn works on the cutting edge of marketing, design and technology. The infinity of digital opportunities inspires him to explore new ways to create value for brands and people. He combines creativity with business sense to accelerate the digital transformation of established (international) brands.

Eric Koch, Head of Supply Chain & Logistics MCCD at Metro Cash & Carry – “Omnichannel innovation” 

How does a modern retailer deal with the omnichannel challenges and increasingly sophisticated customer demands? Learn from the latest concepts behind the scene from Eric Koch.

Harry Wildeboer, Dicitas Associate – “How Deutsche Telekom (DT) developed the open QIVICON Home Management IoT-platform”

Deutsche Telekom (DT) developed the open QIVICON Home Management IoT-platform enabling a growing ecosystem of (> 100) business partners (including DT) to market, operate and service B2C smart home products and services to their respective prospects and end-customers, covering domains such as comfort, energy-efficiency, surveillance and ambient assisted living. QIVICON allows (end-customer permitted) integrating data of multiple apps, partners and sources, which benefits the global developer-community and provides end-customers with enriched services.

Soheil Jahanshahi and Nick van Manen, AR-Development – “How to successfully use augmented reality in B2B”

Augmented reality (AR) has mostly been associated with gaming and entertainment, but its applications can extend successfully into the business world. AR-Development is a young company focusing on the use of AR by companies to optimize processes, whether it be a service technician in a factory or a nurse in a hospital. Smart glasses deliver a “handsfree” digital world, providing unprecedented access to information, data collection and more. Discover new opportunities in industrial, medical, retail, supply chain, remote helpdesk, and brainstorm on its potential uses in your industry.

Wiebe Jager and Ronald Vendel, Mavim – “Beyond the Buzzword: Digital Transformation and the real impact for your organization”

Illustrated by a case study, you will learn how you can align your organization’s strategy, internal operations, and projects in an easy-to-use platform in order to gain insight into the impact of change. Digital transformation is often seen as implementing a series of specialized IT systems and functions to help an organization engage customers digitally. That is only part of the story. Update your mindset, methods, and technologies to tackle digital transformation in a sustainable way.

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