Publications and Presentations

Download publications and presentations of the Digital Innovation Summit 2019.

On this page you find the press release and press kit of the Digital Dominance Benchmark and all the white papers, presentations and video’s of the Digital Innovation Summit 2018.

  • Opening DIS 2019 by Martin Hermsen

    The opening and introduction of the 5th edition of the Digital innovation Summit “the Digital Movement” by Martin Hermsen, Partner at Sia Partners.

  • Innovation processes in a digitizing world by Hans Berends

    Hans Berends shares his knowledge of innovation processes in a digitizing world. Hans Berends (1972) is Professor of Innovation and Organization at the Knowledge, Information and Innovation Research Group, School of Business and Economics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

  • Digital Dominance Benchmark by Martin Hermsen

    The results of the 3rd edition of the Digital Dominance Benchmark 2019. High level results. Call me at +31 646 828785 for detailed brand reports (180 brands in the Netherlands) or any other country.

  • The value of innovative retail technology by Tibert Verhagen

    The first presentation of breakout room 1 about the value of innovative retail technology. Tibert Verhagen is Associate Professor of E-business at the Centre for Market Insights of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

  • Learning to manage in a distributed workplace by Ella Hafermalz

    The first presentation of the second breakout room by Dr. Ella Hafermalz of the KIN Center for Digital Innovation at the VU Amsterdam.

  • How Fintech is changing the financial landscape by Don Ginsel

    The first presentation of the third breakout room by Don Ginsel, Founder at Holland FinTech

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