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How to avoid the pitfalls of corporate innovation

Speaker: Charlie Curtis

Too often investment in innovation becomes a blackhole in corporates where good intentions are no match for the frictions and pressures that are common place. I care deeply about using innovation to deliver tangible outcomes and impact both to the balance sheet and beyond. To get there we must understand and learn from questions such as: Why does innovation so often fail? What are the common friction points that we must overcome? How can we learn from where others have failed? How do we measure the impact of innovation?

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Results & Awards of The Digital Dominance Benchmark



Speaker: Martin Hermsen

The Digital Dominance Benchmark is conducted yearly by Sia Partners. The benchmark assesses the Digital strength of brands based on five different categories: branded websites, youtube, social media, SEO & Keyword usage and apps.  Our benchmark is unique in its approach and combines our deep-analytics and digital marketing skills. The benchmark covers amongst others:

  • Global and local brands from selected sectors 

  • 4 years of historical data allowing for trend analysis per brand and sector

  • Best practices and actionable insights on how to improve your Digital strength

Find out which of the 303 brands are in the top 3 of the best performing brands in The Netherlands!

Branches in a digital age - The power of human touch



Speaker: Pieter van der Werf

Digitalization is transforming our society. Online is the preferred way of doing business. This is impacting all industries, including banking. This also poses the question why we need branches. Surely not anymore for cash and service transactions. But there is a competitive edge to have branches and that is the power of human touch. In a digital age, human interaction is becoming more scarce and thus more valuable. If we help people from the heart on the moments that matter the most, we can make a lasting impact for our customers and our company. And that journey starts with reaching out to and connecting with our employees because they make the difference.

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Learn how ​pure play eCommerce is taking over the world

Speaker: Khalid El-Bachraoui

A deep dive session in the results of the Digital Dominance Benchmark. Because while the internet may be the best thing to have happened to humanity since the invention of the steam engine, ensuring that brands can compete and win in this digital age isn’t always as simple as it looks. 

Digital strength is a key factor to win the battle for customers in today’s highly competitive and digitally advancing markets. With our Digital Dominance Benchmark you will get insight in the Digital strength of brands and equip yourself for this battle! Read more on our website!

How to accelerte change by creating a visual story 



Speaker: Harmen ter Horst

Starting a change is done by having a compelling vision or strategy. And even more, if it's made available to everyone who is affected by it. With Ink Strategy we help to accelerate change by creating a tangible vision in the form of a visual story. By using co-creation and design thinking, we create a visual story together with our clients and help them to engage the audience, which in turn creates activation of a change.  

In this session, we will let you, the audience, feel what it means to work creatively and take small steps toward a goal. We will show works we've created for some of our prominent clients like ING, KPN, ASML etc. A client will share his experience with us going through the process of making a visual story. 


Democratizing AI



Speaker: Jorg Seidell

Jörg will show you the story of how Vattenfall Energy Trading has opened up and democratized the use of data and AI within their complex energy trading environment using state-of-art technologies and agile way of working!


The human perspective on data driven innovation - (Presentation in Dutch)



Speaker: Gea Peters

Data and digitalization play a key role in the energy transition. A question that everyone should ask him or herself: Are we doing the things right? Are we creating possible unforeseen side-effects that can have a negative impact on the human being and possible impact on customers' trust? Data ethics is a step further than mere compliance with personal data protection laws. Gea Peters, lead data governance Enexis, will share her story on developing a data ethics capability.

Milkman 2.0: lessons learned from building a data-first digital platform

Speaker: Steven van der Ridder

Picnic has seen a remarkable growth over the past 4 years, from an unknown startup taking an online-only stab at an industry many thought would be resistant to ecommerce's disruptive business models to a scaleup challenging large incumbents in The Netherlands and Germany. In this presentation, Steven will share how a data-first and contrarian mindset have shaped Picnic's organization, its relationships with 3rd parties and Picnic's unique customer experience.


“Listen-Act-Learn”: Building true customer engagement through journey orchestration

Speaker: Fabian van Lent


This session will discuss the way Wolters Kluwer is focussing on customer engagement, how they implemented the Thunderhead solution ONE to listen and personalise across their channels & product platforms, and how this fits in their strategy.

New Retail: Reshaping the future of Commerce in China

Speaker: Jack Peters

Curious to learn how Alibaba is conquering the global e-commerce market?

Learn how Alibaba reshaped the future of commerce in China and all over the world from Jack Peters, Business Development Director from Alibaba Group at the Digital Innovation Summit!

Retail is at a crossroad driven by digitalization, the development of omnichannel retailing and new customer needs and demands. Trade and retail have undergone profound changes in recent years. Want to know more on how Alibaba has taken the leadership of this revolution in China?

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