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Digital Dominance Benchmark (Covid-19 Special)

Speaker: Khalid El-Bachraoui

Digital strength is a key factor to win the battle for customers in today’s highly competitive and digitally advancing markets. With our Digital Dominance Benchmark you will get insight in the Digital strength of brands and equip yourself for this battle!


During the deep dive session we will take you through the detailed results of the Digital Dominance Benchmark. For The Digital Innovation Summit we have made a special edition of the Digital Dominance Benchmark showcasing the impact of COVID-19 on the digital brand performance.

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Customer Centricity - moving from an inside-out to an outside-in approach

Speaker: Mathilde Meeuwis

Mathilde is currently executing the digital transformation program at Damen Shipyards. She will take the attendees on a customer journey in how to achieve excellence through the means of customer experience


Milkman 2.0: lessons learned from building a data-first digital platform

Speaker: Steven van der Ridder

Picnic has seen a remarkable growth over the past 4 years, from an unknown startup taking an online-only stab at an industry many thought would be resistant to ecommerce's disruptive business models to a scaleup challenging large incumbents in The Netherlands and Germany. In this presentation, Steven will share how a data-first and contrarian mindset have shaped Picnic's organization, its relationships with 3rd parties and Picnic's unique customer experience.


Unleashing data: Empowering data scientists to quickly deliver value from data via a joint self-service data & analytics platform



Speaker: Markus Ricke

Vattenfall is active in most parts of the energy business value chain. Goal of our platform is to make the data collected throughout the company findable and easily available for data scientists via a standard API. The platform furthermore empowers data scientists to easily deploy their algorithms in a production environment, enabling agile implementation of data-driven use cases.


New Retail: Reshaping the future of Commerce in China

Speaker: Jack Peters

Curious to learn how Alibaba is conquering the global e-commerce market?

Learn how Alibaba reshaped the future of commerce in China and all over the world from Jack Peters, Business Development Director from Alibaba Group at the Digital Innovation Summit!

Retail is at a crossroad driven by digitalization, the development of omnichannel retailing and new customer needs and demands. Trade and retail have undergone profound changes in recent years. Want to know more on how Alibaba has taken the leadership of this revolution in China?

Creating an Omnichannel Experience with Journey Orchestration & Analytics

Speaker: AT&T's VP Customer Experience


In this exclusive webcast, the world’s largest telecommunications company shares how it built a successful omnichannel strategy, secured internal sponsorship and implemented the plan.

Boundaries of online persuasion


Speaker: Winnie van Heesch & Mareille de Bloois

Businesses have become better and better at nudging consumers online in their decision-making processes and purchasing behavior. They deploy all sorts of techniques to influence consumer behavior online. Online persuasion can be data-driven, personalized, and dynamic. This may be advantageous to the consumer, but that is not always the case. At what point does persuasion turn into deception? In the ‘guidelines on the protection of the online consumer’, the answer to that question is the main focus. With these guidelines, ACM has fleshed out, in concrete terms, the standards for online deception. This will also be the standards that ACM will use in its oversight from now on.

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