This year’s theme: “Scaling change in the ‘20s”.

This year’s theme is “Scaling change in the 20’s”. We are in the golden age of innovation. Digital is a given and transforming your business while redefining human interactions. With data, different stories are told, and unique insights are generated. With the basic business operations being automated, the interface between data/human/machine becomes more important. Every organization needs to ask itself: are you thriving or just surviving? Either way, one of the biggest challenges is: how to innovate and transform at scale.


During this summit, different topics surrounding this theme will be discussed. These topics have been divided into three tracks: Business Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, and Innovation & Growth.


Track 1: Business Transformation

In a fast-changing world, it is essential to know how to scale digital within an organization and combine theory with practice. Are you interested in finding out if there is such a thing as a human touch and “emotion” in a fully digital world? When transforming a business, there will be pitfalls when implementing and running your digital platform. What are these pitfalls and how do you create an agile culture where there is room for failure while maintaining a performance-driven mindset?


Track 2: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the way business is done. How do you scale AI to all your business units over many agile teams? How is AI used for doing good at large? How can we ensure to include everyone in the democratization of AI within your organization? Join us and find answers to your needs.


Track 3: Innovation & Growth

In a world that never stays the same, more than once we need to adapt in our personal lives and business by looking for new ideas, technologies and techniques. Innovation usually starts small with a lot of experimenting, prototyping and pivoting. If we find the sweet spot for product-market fit, we can leverage our product and technique to a different field to enable growth. In interactive sessions and workshops, you can unleash your creative energy by applying design thinking and other techniques to connect deep customer insights to technological possibilities. Are you ready for growth?!

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